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KrktR is a tool made specially for #emaildevelopers (and #emailgeeks).
Copy your HTML code. Paste it into the first interface. Start the machine. Ready to go!

Encoding special characters

The standard HTML request to respect the encoding of 7-bit ASCII characters: Accented characters are not allowed. This requires a particular encoding. To code an accented character, simply enter a combination preceded by the & character and terminated by a semicolon (;).

  • HTML own signs coding

    Some characters have special significance in HTML and have a strong impact on the formatting of the page; these are the characters <, >, " and & < ital > . The < character has a particular importance , insofar as it is for the browser to open a new HTML tag.

  • Be careful

    When these characters are used in a text in a web page, it is imperative to code in HTML, otherwise the risk of causing a display error in the browser.

  • Enjoy software

    However, note that current browsers recognize accented characters, so you can enter accented characters directly in your text editor , but your HTML page may be unreadable from abroad or from certain browsers.

KrktR is a tool developed by awip.
We are not responsible on code errors generated by our tool.
Just keep an eye on the generated code to avoid any inconvenience.